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Exclamation Hags-Club Hacks Vs Artifical Aiming Vs TmCheats Review

When I found Hags-Club I was a little skeptical of the site and the hack itself, but after a few recommendations and a leap of faith it turned out to be a major godsend for me and my search for a truly well made hack, the way I would write one.

I have used Artificial Aiming's, TmCheat's, and Hags-Club's hacks and will give my honest criticisms of each.


My go to place for hacks is usually Artificial Aiming as they go way back and offer a huge selection of games. The real problem with AA is that they seem to take advantage their apparent monopoly on the aimbot market in ways that ultimately leave the customers paying for way more than they get. Their hacks usually cost $25-$30 soley for a fairly plain aimbot+esp+nospread+norecoil combo. They make little effort to go outside of their established "box" meaning their hack rarely changes from game to game. Sometimes they have game-specific features, but it's fairly random what you'll get and if you'll get features that they've been promising the community for months. If there ever was a brand name aimbot, Artifical Aiming is it. That said, usually their aimbot is decent, their esp is functional, and their anti-cheat protection keeps you safe from all popular anti-cheats. They have most basic features you'd expect in a pay-hack.

Recently, I got into PS2 and, after getting tired of the grind and hearing of some cool hacks that exist for the game, I decided to look for a hack to use. I always check for new hacks by hacksites other than Artifical Aiming because I'm an optimist and like to think their will eventually be something better out there. My first stop was TmCheats which boasted a pretty impressive feature list for PS2. To make a long story short, this was my first venture with TmCheats and will probably be my last for a long time. Their aimbot lacked basic prediction and compensation, their GUI was pretty lacking, their keybinding system was extremely limited, and they had no built-in console system. That said, they had some cool PS2 specific hacks, bone-based aiming, their esp was pretty nice complete with 3D hit boxes and bone ESP (though very rigid and unconfigurable). For the price of $25 or so dollars, it didn't last a half hour with me.

I believe I stumbled over Hags-Club at some point, but already feeling disheartened by TmCheats I just stuck with what I knew and bought Artifical Aiming's PS2 lvl3 hack. Same old AA, with its claustrophobic ESP, basic GUI, decent aimbot with nospread/norecoil, and nothing else (it did have a teleport hack and hwid changer thrown in which was nice). The hack hasn't changed its ways since back in the CS 1.6 days when the company started. Only this time, it wasn't even what I expected it to be. Sure the aimbot could kill things from a reliable distance, but the standard hack features were broken with no ways to fix them. The standard "aim when fire" feature didn't work with any semi-auto weapon (snipers/shottys) forcing me to resort to target aiming based on keypress. Even this was flawed as it kept switching targets mid-fire even with settings that are supposed to prevent this which was a huge problem. Many weapons with bullet drop are not automatically compensated for properly and it did not support vehicle aimbots, rocket aimbot, or aiming at vehicles as infantry which was another big minus. The ESP, which is already lacking, felt really cluttered with no way to make it cleaner looking as it only supports 2D boxESP+basic name/hp/info. The ESP could not be configured to tell the difference between vehicles or infantry. Usually this can be done with AA, but for PS2 it was broken. All in all, AA's PS2 hack was pretty poorly done.

After my subscription went up and I got back into PS2, I was recommended to try Hags-Club after venting on AA's forums by another AA member! (Matt in disguise??) I took a more in-depth look at hags-site and it actually looked pretty promising, there was no clear way to tell for sure as the site was a bit challenging to navigate, so I had to take a chance. Best decision ever. Without getting into too much detail, I was immediately impressed with the hack after the first few minutes of using it. After having used it for a few days, I can say its the best and most well made hack I have ever used to date. The aimbot is very accurate and automatically picks up weapon stats without having to configure things usually. The aimbot works for vehicles, the rocket launcher, turrets, and targets vehicles as infantry. The ESP is very nice and supports 3D directional bounding boxes, bone based ESP, and configurable colors between infantry/allies/vehicles. The GUI is the most comprehensive I've seen, includes a really nice console system, and the most flexible and easy to use keybind system that would rival most game-engines (better than source's console system). It also had so many ps2 specific features that are a lot of fun to use, especially the easy aircraft flight system and vehicle speed boosts. All in all, it blew my expectation out of the water and I really hope the Hags-Clubs grows and starts to support more games. The main thing HC can improve on is the site layout, organisation of information, and the professionalism of the staff. Buy hey, no one's perfect and the staff seems helpful and responsive to issues posted on the forums.

Below is a detailed comparison of features between HC (Hags-Club), AA (Artifical Aiming), and TmC (TmCheats).


Things to consider here are accuracy, configuration, and targetting.

For accuracy it is a close tie between HC and AA. TmC is simply not in the same leauge as far as I can tell.

For targetting, its close between HC and AA again, however HC makes it very clear which targets will be selected and where the aimbot is aiming/will aim via a small aimbox. HC also has a more reliable targeting scheme with a default configuration that makes sense whereas AA requires a bit of configuration to get correct. For PS2, HC wins by a long shot as AA's targeting system breaks alot. TmC I can't comment on too much as I really didn't explore it enough. All I know is I couldn't hit anything that wasn't 15 ft in front of me.

Configuration, I'd give this one to HC because it works right out of the box. HC does have a small issue at the moment in that it doesn't support aimming at teammates. I also haven't tried out HC's "aim on fire" extensivley but I believe it locks on before firing the first round. AA's "aim on fire" usually works well, but it doesn't work properly for PS2 as it fires the first round before locking onto the target. HC has an automatic bullet-drop and bullet-speed detection system built in. AA sometimes comes with weapon configurations that work, usually it doesn't and you have to rely on the community to provide proper weapon configurations if they exist.

HC and AA have pretty high quality aimbots but HC has a noticable edge.


HC's ESP is the nicest and most flexible I have used to date. It supports all my favorite ESP styles/features (bone ESP and 3D Directional Bounding Box) and supports alpha blending based on target distance which really makes things less cluttered. These are things that AA does not have and desperatley needs. TmC supports both except for directional 3D bounding boxes, only non-directional. AA and HC both support name, health, distance, and class type, however HC does a better job of this. For example, HC shows armor/shields if a player has them, AA only ever shows HP in games. In PS2, HC does a better job of differeniating between vehicles and players although usually AA supports this in most games. HC allows you to change the ESP's font as well and it's default font is less harsh than AA's. Overall, HC's ESP is really nice and flows well on screen, TmC's is ok as well, AA's is very cluttered when a lot of targets are on screen and not very configurable.

HC gives you more control over esp colors between infantry/friendlies/vehicles/objects and is changable through the GUI unlike AA. I should mention that TmC also supports different colors between object types and is configurable through its GUI as well.

HC has the best ESP I have seen in any payhack, TmC is second, AA is last and the most basic.


AA has a decent console and a GUI that supports some basic configuration, though honestly is way too simple to be useful. I rarely use AA's GUI to do anything other than setup the basic ESP draw style, aimbot aimstyle, and angle limits. It has a console which is a good feature, it's got a pretty shitty bind system. You can't change binds through the console and must change it before starting up the hack and game.

HC's GUI lets me configure everything just about everything except for key binds which you do through the console. It also has tooltips which is helpful. They keybind system is really great; if you've ever used the source engine's key bind system, its pretty similar. You can bind keys for the GUI, for the hack only, or for the hack and game. Bind multiple commands to one key, bind functions to key press and release, and create command aliases. You can also rebind keys inside a keybind which is useful for some advance script wizardry. AA supports onpress and onrelease binds as well, but has pretty shitty support for toggling anything and really needs some work.

TmC doesn't have a console... 'nuff said. I must say though, it's GUI is a step in the right direction and is slightly better than AA's in that it lets you configure colors and keybinds more easily. If you want to keybind anything else than what the GUI allows, too bad, you can't.

Game Specific Features

These game specific features are what makes hacking that much more entertaining. Everything from namechangers, to uberdamage, to instahits, to noclipping, to godmode.

HC and TmC cheats actually do very well in this reguard.

AA probably falls behind the most in this area but tries to keep up... I guess. For BF3 AA had teleporting, mass murder, and uber damage. For PS2 AA has teleporting based on map waypoint. In general, it usually has 1 or 2 things while its competitors have 4-6 things.

Just looking at TmC it seems to have a lot of features for its games. For PS2 it has all forms of teleporting, waypoint, to crosshair, behind player. It also has noclipping.

HC takes the cake again though. I don't know about other games, but for PS2 it had the most engine hacks before anyone else did and still has hacks that others don't. Teleport to crosshair/waypoint, instant bullet/rocket hit, vehicle speed hacks, vehicle control hacks, vehicle teleporting, no overheat on turrets/repair tool/medigun, no fall damage, no vehicle collision damage, ect. It's got a lot of awesome and impressive crap.

Anti-Cheat Protection

TmC, no idea.

AA, pretty good. They have detections every once in a blue moon, but all in all they try to keep their customers safe.

HC, driver based so no detections at all ever.

Alright I'm sick of typing, here's some random numbers:

TmC: 6/10
AA: 7.75/10
HC: 9.25/10
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