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Default Secret world Hag release ( TSW HAG )

Hello everybody, today we start the sales of TSW Hag


- Play on any resolution you want
- Work with windowed and fullscreen modes
- Supports unlimited ammount of config files , setup your SWTOR_hag in any way you want and change profiles only with a couple of clicks
- Setup any features on any hotkeys
- Create simple macros, without using other software
- Support huge amount of fonts, which can be changed at any time right in game



Appears after launching the hag
Show all nearest targets
You would not miss Lore anymore
Settings support radar window moving at any part of the screen, color oppacity and size changes
You can also setup info, that you want to see on radar, like enemy, friends, npc-s ect
Also show character roles, like Tank DPS Healer

In target window
Show nicknames of characters, who got you in target
Run from focus right in time
Kill most dangerous to you characters before the kill you

Bored of piano playing on keyboard? TSW Hag will tank/dps or even heal for you
Supports perfect setup
Checks cooldowns, your mage and weapon charges
Support various modes of use, like holding one button all the time, pressing button every ability or just turn it on in console and it keep doing dps
Raid bot only use spells, it dont affect your movements, so you can avoid void zones, and other encounter stuff, that makes it perfect


Need to run to the other side of map? Just teleport!
Dont know, how to get on the weird hill? Now you know your easy way!
TSW Hag teleport will help you
Easy to use, will teleport you to any part of the location without any lags
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